Emotional Support for Patients, Families, and Clinicians Following Adverse Events



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Even in the safest of healthcare systems things can, and often do, go wrong.  Just ask Linda Kenney.  Linda’s story began in 1999 when she nearly died as the result of an anesthesia mishap.  A routine orthopedic surgery scheduled at a large academic medical center went wrong when a local anesthetic administered to her ankle entered her bloodstream and caused a cardiac arrest.  Were it not for the heroic efforts of a code team, she would not be here today.  Read Linda’s full story here.

The emotional impact that Linda and her family experienced was life changing.  But, the healthcare culture at the time didn’t lend itself to open and honest conversations about adverse events.  She was told she had an allergic reaction by one clinician, and no one else referenced “the event” again during her hospital stay.

A few months after…

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