Disruption in #healthIT


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Over the last few years, I’ve had some amazing opportunities to meet and work with seasoned disruptors, health IT and healthcare veterans, and even outsiders that are trying to move into this space as it continues to get press as a growing industry. Of course, as complex and regulated as healthcare, any level of health IT disruption requires being able to overcome the proverb about describing an elephant.


In health IT, the problems can be exacerbated by each part of the anatomy fundamentally changing the physiology of other parts as workflow and UI interact. Simple changes in one arena can have extremely important consequences in other parts of the system and when you are in an industry where human factors (such as behavioral economics, lack of sophistication, error, genomics, consumer experience, and MANY others) critically impact the use, misuse, and even nonuse of the constituent parts, the simple interest in getting involved can quickly spiral out into frustration.

I don’t think that this means that we need to shut out outsiders, though. Certainly there are going to be business factors such as proprietary systems and intellectual property to always consider. However, one place where I have seen great inspiration is here in Colorado, where the Catalyst HTI project is currently lifting off. A community of companies including large and small, young and old, established and disruptor, are coming together with a focus toward collaborative solution-finding.

I should say at this point that I don’t think being a disruptor or establishment health IT person are mutually exclusive. I personally work for a 35 year old company and my entire job is disruption. I see them as two axes on a graph, much like below:

disruption square

With this as our teaser, what are the considerations for healthcare and IT when they bump up against one another? In a recent post, the @theEHRguy posits that jamming tech into health can complicate the picture and increase the opportunity for fraud: http://bit.ly/1lblI2f. Is that because our systems are being built on false pretenses or for another reason?

Intro question: Do you consider yourself a #healthIT veteran or outsider? Have you ever been on the other side?

#HITsm T1: Is there value in designing new #healthIT from outside #healthcare organizations, or shd we bring them inside the “garden?”

#HITSM T2: What is the most disruptive #HealthIT, in your opinion, and did it come from w/in a major healthcare co. or outside?

#HITsm T3: Would smaller companies do any better than larger organizations in creating disruptive #healthIT?

#HITsm T4: w/all the disruptive #HealthIT being created, is there value in a national, coordinated effort for tracking dev?

#HITsm T5: Specifically when it comes to #makers, what advice do you have for those looking to break into #HealthIT?


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